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Haritakis Bros.
Brand Cucumbers
Rethymnon - Crete - Greece

photo On the Greek Island of ▶ Crete in the Mediterranean, growing cucumbers has a tradition of more than 3,900 years.

Though details are not reported we can estimate that even King Minos liked to have cucumber with his Cretan Salad.

Because a Cretan Salad without cucumber in fact is not a Cretan Salad at all.
Therefore, the Haritakis family dedicated themselves to cucumber growing some thousands of years ago.

Unfortunately, most of the genealogical files got lost when Atlantis sunk.

So today we can just say that Georgios Haritakis and his forfathers grow cucumbers in the area of ▶ Rethymnon since a very long time.
Use of the most pure ingredients only is the Haritakis family's secret:
  • fertile Cretan soil
  • selected cucumber seed
  • pure water
  • plenty of sun
This know-how delivered from father to son during millenia and improved from generation to generation, today prooves that only Haritakis cucumbers are genuine Haritakis cucumbers.
Cretan Salad ("Horiatiki") Formula
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Olives (black, with stone (the best ones come from Rethymnon))
  • Feta (Greek sheep cheese (the best one comes from Rethymnon))
  • Olive Oil (Cretan, of course)
  • Oregano (fresh)
  • Bowl (not too small)
Fill the bowl approx. to the half with olive oil. Cut the cucumber, tomato and onion into cubes and give them into the bowl. Put one slice of Feta on the top. Add some olives and Oregano. Season with salt and pepper to individual taste. Serve with Cretan bread.
Being the current successor to the ancient knowledge, Georgios Haritakis also grows tomatoes, zucchini, and artichokes to provide opportunity to vary the Cretan Salad formula to individual taste.
photo However, only the genuine Cretan Salad is a Cretan Salad. All others are just salads.

... by the way: ▶ olive oil is the Cretan staple food from the ancient times when potatoes, pasta etc. still where unknown in Europe.

But it does not only provide you with energy. It also has lots of unsaturated fatty acids which polish heart and vessels from inside.
This is the real secret of the "Cretan Diet", and why the Cretans in the average grow older than most of the people elsewhere in the world.
Text: Ingo H. Dietrich

Haritakis Bros.
GR - 74100 Rethymnon
Phone (0030) 28310 27589
Email to ▶ Haritakis Bros.

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